Ofsted Report

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Highlights From The Ofsted Report

The nursery supports children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and those who speak English as an additional language. They develop excellent personal qualities that lead to them gaining independence, having high levels of confidence and taking responsibility for their own behaviour.
The management team constantly reflects upon the practice of the nursery and takes steps to move this forward. The premises are exceptionally secure and protected by the monitored use of closed circuit television throughout the nursery. Effective implementation of policies, such as preventing the use of personal mobile phones on site, gives additional protection to children.
Children benefit from having direct access to a wealth of items that they can use flexibly to follow their own ideas and interests. The nursery is highly committed to working in partnership with others and builds effective links that successfully support children whose care is shared. The nursery has excellent transitional arrangements to ensure continuity in children's learning and care.
Parents are kept well informed of children's progress and daily care through diaries, conversations with staff and formal parent meetings. They benefit from warm and trusting relationships with the staff which enable them to seek comfort and reassurance easily, knowing this will always be given. Babies smile and happily play with the familiar staff in their room.
Children's learning is fostered through their freely chosen play combined with some interesting group activities. The use of hand-made 'Friends and Families' books really encourages children to talk about and share their own experiences and lifestyles, widening their knowledge of others. Children follow good personal hygiene routines as they wash their hands before eating and clean their teeth after lunch.
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